Georgia Officer Faces Drunk Driving Charges

In general, the public tend to look up to those in law enforcement and expect these men and women to somehow live lives beyond reproach. However, no one is perfect, and there are times even those sworn to uphold the law can find themselves accused of a crime such as drunk driving. One Georgia officer finds himself facing those circumstances now.

According to officials, one police officer came upon a scene to provide assistance to another officer. The first policeman purportedly stopped to investigate a vehicle that was pulled over along the side of a road near an intersection. The second patrolman reported that a man was reclined across the steering wheel of the car.

According to the officer, the driver of the car appeared to be unconscious. At some point during the officers’ inquiry, the man was identified as a fellow Georgia policeman. The 31-year-old man was subjected to testing and was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with DUI.

It was unclear whether the accused police officer was still in the custody of the Georgia authorities. The man likely had an arraignment appearance before a judge shortly after his arrest on the drunk driving charges. It is unknown if he was placed on leave or possibly suspended from his duties. As is the case for anyone who has been arrested on these allegations, the officer is entitled to retain experienced counsel and launch a vigorous defense against the charges that have been filed against him. A drunk driving conviction on one’s record can have serious consequences and it behooves one to seek the best defense possible in order to fight the charges effectively or determine whether another solution would be in one’s best interests.

Source:, “Atlanta police officer arrested, charged with DUI”, Dec. 22, 2016

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