DUI Penalties in Georgia

In Georgia, punishment for DUI convictions, even if it’s your first, can be severe. You could face fines, jail time, loss of your driving privileges and even a permanent criminal record. That’s why it’s important to consult with a GA DUI lawyer, such as Brian Hansford, who knows DUI laws and how to use them to a client’s advantage.

The penalties are both civil and criminal in a DUI case in Fulton County, Georgia. The consequences from a DUI that affect your driver’s license (either a suspension or revocation) are handled as civil matters, while the monetary fines and potential jail time are part of a criminal case against you. Since Mr. Hansford is highly experienced in DUI cases in Fulton County, Georgia, our GA DUI attorney can provide you with comprehensive advice and guidance in both aspects of your DUI case.

Want to know more about DUI issues In Fulton County, Georgia? Please see our frequently asked questions or get in touch with our law firm in Alpharetta and Cumming, GA.

Understanding DUI Defense Strategies

When facing a DUI charge, it's crucial to understand the various defense strategies that can be used to protect your rights and minimize the potential consequences. Our experienced DUI attorneys in Alpharetta and Cumming, Georgia, are well-versed in effective defense tactics that may be applicable to your case.

Some common DUI defense strategies include:

  • Challenging the legality of the traffic stop
  • Questioning the accuracy of field sobriety tests
  • Disputing the reliability of breathalyzer or blood test results
  • Asserting violations of your constitutional rights
  • Presenting evidence of medical conditions or other factors that may have impacted test results

By working with our skilled Cumming DUI attorneys, you can explore these and other potential strategies to build a strong defense and seek the best possible outcome for your case.

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At Miles Hansford, LLC, our Alpharetta DUI lawyers consider every client innocent until proven guilty in a Georgia criminal court. To discuss your options following a DUI arrest, call our law firm in In Fulton County, Georgia, at (770) 574-6688 or use our 24/7 criminal defense line at (678) 831-5855. You can also contact us online to begin the process of protecting your legal rights, family and future.

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