Just about Divorce Season Again

There are two times of the year that seem to see a spike in couples filing to dissolve their marriages: March and August. While the study on this was done in one particular state, it seems that this happens in other states as well. So, in Georgia and elsewhere, it may just be about divorce season again.

What is it about these two months that make people think to file for divorce? According to the study, it has to do with winter and summer holidays. Some people use the holiday season to see if they can get things to work out. If the relationship does not improve, they file dissolution papers before the next holiday season or before school starts again for their children.

According to the study, divorces that are initiated after summer tend to be finalized faster than those filed in March. Again, this has to do with school schedules and the upcoming winter holidays. People want time to adjust to their new family life.

At the end of the day, there is no right time to file for a divorce. It all depends on a couple’s circumstances, what they want for their family and what they want to achieve. No matter what time of year it is done, it can be a difficult process for everyone involved. However, with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, achieving fair and balanced settlements as swiftly and smoothly as possible can be a reality for divorcing couples in Georgia.

Source: phillyvoice.com, “Study: We’re coming up on divorce season“, Marielle Mondon, June 27, 2017

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