Facing Business Litigation Over Religious Discrimination?

Georgia business owners get to pick and choose who they want working for them. That’s the job of being the boss, right? In the hiring process, and after the fact, company owners have to be careful about abiding by discrimination laws, however. If accusations of discrimination come about, business litigation may be in one’s near future.

There are many types of discrimination that can happen in the work place — one of them being religious discrimination. According to federal laws, employers are to — within reason — accommodate their employees’ religious beliefs. The key words here are within reason. If making religious accommodations causes a significant financial burden on the business or causes operation issues, one may not have to allow religious accommodations.

What are some commonly seen religious accommodations? There are quite a few. The most common is the wearing of certain items of clothing, allowing certain hair and facial hair styles and granting time off to observe religious holidays.

Business owners in Georgia can help prevent business litigation stemming from discrimination claims by making sure they are following federal guidelines regarding this matter. They can also ensure employment contracts or handbooks include information that is clear regarding what religious accommodations are to be expected by employees. A business law attorney can help company owners, whether they are just getting starting or are needing to make some changes, address any issues that may lead to discrimination claims. If a problem does arise, further assistance can be provided in resolving the matter as swiftly as possible.

Source: business.com, “Understanding Religion in the Workplace“, Justin Walker, March 5, 2018

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