Georgia Police Chief Allowed to Keep Job Following DUI Charge

Many Georgia residents believe that a drunk driving charge can completely destroy their personal and professional lives. Depending on the details of one specific case, that may be true. However, those only charged with suspicion of DUI or a first-time offense may find the consequences not as severe as they thought.

In August, the police chief of Milledgeville was arrested for suspicion of DUI. He reported his arrest to the city and was promptly placed on administrative leave with pay. He just recently learned that he will get to keep his job despite his arrest, though conditions were placed on his employment.

The conditions set by the city are that the accused will have to take two weeks’ administrative leave without pay before he can return to work. When he does return, it will be at a reduced salary for six months. He will also be required to complete the state DUI rehabilitation program and fulfill any other penalty terms if he is convicted. The city is also reserving the right to revisit the terms of the accused’s employment at a later date. This particular case will not be heard in court until Nov. 8.

A DUI charge can leave one feeling uncertain about various aspects of one’s life. The consequences can be far-reaching. With the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, it may be possible to seek charge dismissal, or at least charge and penalty reduction. While there are never any guarantees for how a criminal case will work out in the end, legal counsel will have one’s best interests at heart when presenting one’s case in a Georgia criminal court.

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