Land Use and Zoning: Spotlighting a Key Property-Linked Legal Sphere

Perhaps you’re a North Georgia property owner with a compelling idea for a new business. You wonder whether your dreams can be realized, though, given the reality that virtually all the properties surrounding your parcel of land are family-owned homes of the two-kids-and-a-dog variety. Will there be blowback confronting your land-use plan? Will it be permitted?

Or maybe it’s the case that you were using your property for a specific use for years prior to a new zoning ordinance becoming effective, with your zoned area now designating another use (e.g., residential to commercial or vice versa). Similar question: Will your request to keep using the property in an accustomed manner be allowed by municipal authorities?

These are the types of questions and concerns that are common in the land use and zoning realm, a decidedly singular and often complex area of the law. Rendering matters even more complicated for affected property owners is the fact that relevant issues are invariably local. An online overview of zoning changes, variances and additional considerations duly notes that, typically, “Each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations.”

That means this: Even if you have dealt in the past with a zoning board or municipal officials from one town or city, doing so anew in another area can make for a whole new experience.

The proven legal team at the Atlanta metro area law firm of Miles Hansford & Tallant can help. MHT’s land use and zoning attorneys collectively command many decades of studied and on-point experience helping diverse and valued clients promote their property-linked needs.

We welcome contacts to the firm to discuss your personal matter and strategies for optimally securing its optimal legal result.

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