Valid Reasons to Break Your Lease Without Penalty in Georgia

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Life circumstances may pull you away from the area where you are currently renting your apartment or home. Rarely do these life changes occur at the exact time your lease ends. So, what are the warranted reasons for breaking a lease agreement in Georgia? Our legal team at Miles Hansford, LLC is here to explain.

Military Leave

Tenants who have been called to active military service are legally allowed to break their leases and vacate their properties to meet the requirements of the military.

Landlord Harassment

Some landlords are overly involved in their tenants’ activities, bordering on or becoming harassed.

Examples of landlord harassment include:

  • Verbal or physical threats
  • False eviction
  • Illegal entry onto the property
  • Destruction of tenant property
  • Refusing to accept or acknowledge rent payment

If your landlord has taken any of the above actions against you, you may have the right to terminate your lease early with no additional payment required.

Health and Safety Violations

If your rental property has illegal health or safety violations, this can void your legal requirement to pay for and remain in the residence. This could be broken security features, biohazards, or other serious risks for tenants. In these situations where your short- and long-term health are at risk, you can typically get out of your lease prior to the end date.

It’s also important to note that even if you are not under any of these conditions, you may still be able to end your lease early. This is something to discuss with an experienced legal team before taking any big actions.

Leave Your Lease Early With Our Team’s Help

Are you questioning whether or not your case meets the criteria above? Or are you under a different set of circumstances? In any case, our real estate and contracts attorneys at Miles Hansford, LLC can help you understand your legal rights and options when it comes to early lease termination. Call us at (770) 574-6688 today to set up an appointment with our team.

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