Deputy Accused of Drunk Driving

A Sheriff’s Deputy in Georgia found himself in pretty hot water recently when he was arrested and charged with DUI. Drunk driving is considered a fairly serious offense. As such, this individual could benefit from the best defense possible in order to minimize the consequences that this arrest could have on his personal and professional life.

According to reports, the deputy was taken into custody on March 25, in Douglas County. Few details have been released about the incident. He is simply accused of failing to maintain his lane of traffic and DUI. It is unclear as to whether he was on or off duty at the time of his arrest.

Georgia State Patrol is in the process of investigating this incident. The deputy, who has worked for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office for more than a decade, has been suspended from his duties without pay. Disciplinary hearings are underway regarding the matter. It has not been reported if any court dates have been scheduled to address this issue.

Depending on the details of this case, a conviction on a DUI charge has the potential of ending this man’s career in law enforcement. This would obviously have a snowball effect, impacting his personal life as well. There is so much on the line in this case. With the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney, the accused will be able to take the steps necessary to defend himself of the drunk driving charge in a Georgia court with the hope of receiving a dismissal of charges or at least alternative sentencing.

Source:, “Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy charged with DUI“, March 31, 2017

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