Georgia Business Litigation: Company Sued over Product Quality

LuLaRoe, the popular clothing company, has been sued by a few of its customers over product quality. This is something that could happen to any company, whether it is based in Georgia or elsewhere. When business litigation becomes a reality, or before it becomes a reality, company owners can take steps to protect themselves.

LuLaRoe is known for its “buttery soft leggings.” The vast majority of its customers love the product. However, a few customers filed legal claims against the company, asserting that it took part in illegal and fraudulent practices. This is all because the leggings these customers bought tore after the first wearing. While only two people are currently listed as plaintiffs in this case, the complaint asserts that thousands of customers have been dissatisfied with the product and could benefit from taking part in the legal action.

A spokesperson for LuLaRoe supposedly admitted that in order to get the incredibly soft feel that its leggings are known for, fabric fibers must be weakened. This can cause the leggings to tear if one is not careful. Other than that, the company has not provided any information as to how it plans to respond to the lawsuit. Only time will tell how this is ultimately resolved.

Business litigation can break a company if the proper legal protections were not put in place during company formation. This is something with which an experienced business law attorney can assist. If Georgia business owners do find themselves facing lawsuits over quality issues or anything else, one’s legal counsel will be able to take action to either fight the matter or attempt to settle the issue out of court — whichever is best for the overall health of the company.

Source: Fox News, “LuLaRoe faces lawsuit over ‘buttery soft’ leggings”, Elizabeth Armstrong Moore, April 4, 2017

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