Marijuana-related Drug Charges Are a Serious Matter in Georgia

While most states are taking a softer stance on marijuana-related drug crimes, Georgia still treats the possession, sale or trafficking of this substance quite harshly. Are you facing marijuana-related drug charges? If you are, you could have a lot to lose if you are ultimately convicted.

Depending on the details of your case, you may be facing a misdemeanor or felony-level charge. Either could land you in jail and cost you quite a bit in fees. Fighting marijuana-related drug charges or seeking alternative sentencing may be in your best interest.

What type of alternative sentencing is available? If you are facing a simple possession charge and are considered a non-violent offender, you may qualify for a drug diversion program. This is, in short, a court-supervised rehabilitation program. To learn more about how it works and if pursuing this option is right for you, please take a few minutes and access our firm’s website for more information.

Drug charges┬ácan have serious consequences, particularly those that are at the felony level. While drug charges of all types may not be easy to fight, it may certainly be worth your while to try. Thankfully this is not something that Georgia residents have to do on their own. If you are accused of a marijuana-related or other drug crime, you have the right to legal counsel to help you navigate the criminal court system. With a skilled representative at one’s side, informed decisions can be made and the appropriate legal actions taken as you fight for the best outcome possible for the circumstances at hand.

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