Are You a Commercial Property Owner with Zoning Issues?

Are you a commercial property owner in Georgia? Have you come across some zoning issues that are affecting what you can do with your property? Fortunately, it may be possible for you to seek to change how your property is zoned so that you can use it how you wish. Achieving a zoning change in not necessarily easy. An experienced attorney may prove to be an extremely valuable asset as you fight for a zoning adjustment.

All land is zoned for specific purposes, and it is done so for good reason. Unfortunately, due to land use changes, there may be need to address how property is currently zoned. In order to request a zoning adjustment, commercial property owners have to file for a variance. They may also have to seek specific permits so that they can use their property as desired. This sounds pretty simple, but zoning requests are sent to several entities for review before a decision is made, and there are never any guarantees that such a request will be approved.

What exactly happens after filing a variance? First of all, the request is sent to your area’s zoning board. Then, other landowners in the vicinity of your property will have the opportunity to weigh in on the zoning adjustment you have proposed. A zoning examiner will then evaluate the situation as a whole. A final report will be reviewed, and the governing body over your area will get to make a decision on the matter.

Zoning issues are something you, as a commercial property owner, can handle on your own. However, having legal counsel on your side can certainly help as zoning laws in Georgia are constantly being updated and can often be confusing. To learn more about how an attorney can help you address your zoning issues, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

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