Georgia Land Use and Zoning: Mixed-Use Development Coming Soon

Getting approval to build in an already busy area may not prove easy for developers in Georgia. However, city officials in Atlanta recently approved a site for a mixed-use development. This is a project that has been talked about for over a year. As the development is a mixed-use site, the developer may have had to go through a lot to get land use and zoning approval.

According to a recent news article, developer S.J. Collins received the approval for which he was looking. He plans to turn an 11.5-acre plot of land located at Howell Mill Road and 14th Street into residential rental units, a hotel, office space, townhomes and restaurants. The office space is likely to be used by Georgia Tech and startups coming out of the school — as Georgia Tech owns the property.

When it comes to land use and zoning, property is often marked for residential or commercial property. Getting zoning approval for a mixture of the two may not be an easy feat. The plans for the space will have to be impressive, and developers will have to show city officials why it would be good for the area. Sometimes it takes a lot of back and forth negotiations before approval is achieved.

Land use and zoning issues can be challenging to navigate in Georgia and elsewhere. However, developers can seek assistance from legal counsel in order to get their projects off the ground. With the right people in one’s corner, fighting for the ability to build may be a little easier.

Source:, “Westside Atlanta project could bring hotel, offices, residences to already traffic-y area“, Michael Kahn, Nov. 9, 2017

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