Website Access-Related Business Litigation

Many company owners in Georgia have websites. It is the way the world is going and it is just good for business — generally. How one’s website is set up really does matter. It needs to be easy to navigate, have a good flow and give a good impression; after all, it may be the only thing a consumer sees before deciding whether to utilize one’s services. Preparing the perfect website really is a tall order and can be quite stressful, but getting it right matters as it is possible for consumers to file business litigation claims if it is not.

How can a consumer file legal claims about how a business webpage is set up? It may seem like something that shouldn’t or couldn’t happen, but is can and it actually has. According to a recent court ruling in another state, business websites are required to include accommodations for disabled individuals. This ruling came as a result of plaintiffs and lawyers trying to expand the Americans with Disabilities Act definition of public accommodation.

This new ruling was released in June 2017 and since then numerous lawsuits have been filed against businesses who allegedly lack disability access on their websites. This definition expansion will cost business owners thousands of dollars in order to get their websites updated. It could cost them even more if they do not.

Company owners in Georgia who face business litigation over the accessibility of their websites may have to fight the matter out in court or they may be able to resolve the matter through negotiations. Every case will be different. An experienced business law attorney can help those who find themselves in such positions determine the best way to move forward.

Source: Miami Herald, “Another threat to business websites — this time through the ADA“, Glen Lindsay, Nov. 19, 2017

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