2 Georgia Residents Facing Firearm and Drug Charges

Police in Georgia recently arrested two people in Forsyth County for their alleged involvement in a drug distribution business. A male and a female were taken into custody on Thursday, March 22. Firearm and drug charges were filed against each of them.

According to a recent news report, several police departments worked together to investigate the accused individuals. Their investigation led to a search of a home located on Manor Park Drive. Authorities claim to have found cocaine, THC Oil, various pills, marijuana, weapons and cash in the residents. The arrest of the accused individuals soon followed.

The male has been charged with various intent to distribute and drug possession charges, as well as a firearm possession charge. The female has been charged with selling THC, intent to distribute, sale of drug paraphernalia and possession of a gun. Court dates regarding each of their cases have not been released to the public.

The firearm and drug charges filed in this case are quite severe. In the state of Georgia, potential penalties if convicted include imprisonment and hefty fines. Fighting the accusations in this case will not prove to be an easy feat, but that does not mean that each of the accused needs to sit back and let the courts decide their fate. They have the right to defend themselves and fight for the best possible outcomes — which could come in a number of forms, including case dismissal or charge reduction, among others. With experienced legal counsel at their sides, each of the accused can take the steps necessary to protect their current and future interests.

Source: Cumming, GA Patch, “Drugs, Cash, Firearms Bust In Forsyth County, 2 Arrested“, John Barker, March 26, 2018

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