Not Uncommon for Subcontractors to Deal With Contract Disputes

In the construction industry, subcontractors are often utilized, as their specific skill-sets are needed to complete certain projects. Contracts are created, subcontractors are hired and the work gets done. Unfortunately, some subcontractors find that their contracts are not upheld, and they do not get paid as agreed. Individuals in Georgia who find themselves dealing with contract disputes do not have to deal with the problem all alone.

You did your job. You did it well. Now you are not getting paid. This may be considered a breach of contract on the offending party’s side, and you may have legal recourse.

Contract disputes can be handled in a few ways. Sometimes, all it takes is a warning letter from an attorney to get the offending party in line. If that does not work, the negotiation process can begin. Bringing all parties involved together to talk things out often has positive results. Finally, if all other methods fail, as a last resort — simply due to the time and cost factors — you may take the issue to court if doing so proves necessary and in your best interests.¬†

Contract disputes¬†happen all too often in the construction industry in Georgia and elsewhere. When they do, it is okay to seek assistance in resolving the issue. An experienced business and construction law attorney may be able to help find an agreeable solution to the problem. To learn more about how an attorney may be of assistance to you, please take a moment and review our firm’s website.

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