Do You Face One of These Common Disputes with Your Neighbor?

Neighbors can be people you depend on in time of need, spend weekends with or grow to love like family. Living close to someone every day provides the opportunity to create a long-lasting friendship.

Unfortunately, some neighbors are not the type of people who care about having relationships with those who live next door. Instead, they may cause problems, whether due to not being considerate of others or firmly believing their perspective is right. If you face one of these common disputes with your neighbor, you may be able to take legal action to reach a resolution.

Property boundaries

Neighbors arguing over fence lines, tree maintenance and other boundary issues is a familiar comic scene. When you are in the middle of such a dispute, however, it is not funny. It can be a major obstacle if you want to remodel your home and yard, or it can be a danger if the person refuses to remove a plant or object that presents a hazard.


Even if you are an animal lover, your neighbor’s pet may be a source of contention. Dogs may endlessly bark and howl, leave waste in your yard, dig up gardens or bite children. Maybe your neighbor owns and fails to control an exotic, dangerous animal.


Does your neighbor like to party all night with loud music or yell at others and break things when angry? Even during the day noise can be a nuisance (though not necessarily illegal unless it meets certain city standards), especially if you have family members with auditory sensitivities.

Home appearance

Not everyone is good at taking care of the lawn, putting up cute decor or painting the exterior when necessary. Differences in taste and personality are not grounds for a legal dispute. However, when the appearance becomes a hazard to the neighborhood, then a civil lawsuit may ensue. Examples include junk cars on the lawn, trash everywhere and broken windows.

Sometimes talking to your neighbor is not enough and a third party must get involved to end the problem.