Business Planning for Digital Security and Resilience

The vast majority of business owners in Georgia have websites, in-house networks or computer systems on which they conduct their business. Protecting digital information is a must in order to keep one’s company up and running. This is why one might consider business planning for digital security and resilience.

The truth is cybercrimes cost businesses big money every year. In fact, Cybersecurity Ventures claims that by 2021, cybercrime damages will cost businesses upward of $6 trillion annually. Those who are not prepared to deal with the issue and keep their companies moving forward could find themselves closing up shop.

Planning for digital security means that one puts safeguards in place to prevent cyber attacks and also has a plan for locking up and resecuring one’s data. Planning for digital resilience means that one is prepared to take actions that will keep one’s business up and running while dealing with the cyber attack simultaneously. Digital resilience is a company effort. Everyone at every level must be trained and participate in protecting digital assets and data. Any employee who handles customer or core company data needs to understand the importance of protecting that information.

The importance of business planning for digital security and resilience cannot be understated. The cost of addressing a cyberattack on one’s business can be too much for some company owners in Georgia to recover from. Having digital security and resilience plans built right into one’s business model will help one be fully prepared to address the issue if it ever arises.

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