Adoption Portfolios Help Birth Mothers Make Informed Decisions

As a prospective parent, you may have various reasons to consider adopting a child. No matter your motivation for starting the process, you must meet the state’s adoption requirements. You will likely face decisions about whether you would prefer to adopt an infant or older child, if international adoption would be right for you or if you would like to open your home to a foster child before making a lifelong commitment.

Every adoption story is unique. In some situations, you would neither have contact with, nor information about, your child’s biological family. In cases of open adoption, however, you might have regular contact with your son or daughter’s birth mother.

An adoption profile is a way for expectant mothers to learn about you and what you have to offer. So, what can you do to increase your chances of becoming a parent?

What Might Be of Interest to an Expectant Mother?

With open adoption, a birth mother may choose to place her child with you based on the information you share in your profile. After making her choice, a birth mom may feel comfortable involving you throughout the pregnancy and birthing process. Others may not finalize their decision until after the baby arrives.

Regardless of how an expectant mother would like to proceed with placing her child, you can help the decision-making process by sharing the following things in your profile:

  • Photographs that indicate the kind of lifestyle you could provide
  • Special traditions, experiences or expectations you have about parenting
  • Recognition that choosing to place a child for adoption is a heartbreaking decision – one that you respect

Showing you know how to have fun could be as important as expressing your hopes and fears for the future you desire. Meanwhile, presenting an authentic version of yourself (and your partner, if you have one) can help establish a long-term, transparent connection among everyone involved in the wealth of relationships that will become important to your child.