Woman charged in multimillion-dollar telemedicine fraud

The Georgia owner of two companies, Envision It Perfect, LLC, and Royal Physician Network, LLC, has been charged with fraud related to a telemedicine scam that is alleged to be part of an even bigger fraud scheme.

The woman is among a group of people charged in what is now the largest fraud bust of this kind in Georgia’s Southern District. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged two owners of telemedicine companies, several owners of companies that provide durable medical equipment, eight doctors, two nurse practitioners, and two brokers who supplied patient data.

The government says that, while the Georgia companies are responsible for about $60 million worth of fraud, the overall scheme took around $470 million out of the government’s coffers. The two companies are charged with paying medical providers to prescribe durable medical equipment, like wheelchairs, walkers, and oxygen concentrators, to patients who didn’t need them or making up wholly fraudulent orders for things like genetic tests, pain creams, and more. The real damage, according to officials, may be in the billions and the investigations are still ongoing.

Innocent people get swept up in fraud investigations all the time. It’s smart to remember a few basics if you find yourself being questioned by federal authorities: While you have the absolute right to remain silent under questioning, you cannot lie without being guilty of the crime of obstruction.

If you suspect that you’re a target in a federal fraud investigation, don’t waste any time getting an experienced attorney. You can explore the defenses available to you and develop an early strategy that could lead to a favorable outcome for your case.

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