Employer Facing Accusations of Wrongful Termination

A business owner in another state is facing legal action following the firing of an employee. A wrongful termination claim is not a small thing. It is something any business owner in Georgia or elsewhere can face at any point in his or her career. If it is poorly handled, it can cost one’s business a lot in the end.  

What happened? 

The former employee claims that her need to take sick days to care for her daughter is behind her firing. Between January and March in 2020, she required at least three weeks off after her daughter was diagnosed with respiratory illnesses that put her health at significant risk considering the public health issues at the time. She says she was asked by the child’s physician to quarantine for a couple of weeks in late March. She was terminated while taking the time away from work. 

According to reports, the former employee claims her employer violated both the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. She is seeking damages totaling more than $75,000. She is also asking for a jury trial.  

What can the employer do? 

There is a lot more to this case than has been reported in the news. Any employer in Georgia or elsewhere who is going through this can turn to legal counsel for guidance on what to do. Further investigation is definitely necessary. In looking at this case in greater detail, it may be possible to get it dismissed. If not, it may be possible to settle without having to go to court. No matter what happens, legal counsel can help the business owner find the best solution to the problem without it doing too much damage to the company’s bottom line.

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