Are Your Parents Going Through a Gray Divorce?

Many Georgia residents often base their ideas about relationships off of their parents’ relationship. If the parents have a happy and loving relationship, the children may feel confident that they, too, can find such love. Of course, parents often keep the more difficult aspects of their relationships out of sight of their children, at least until those children are grown, so sometimes, adult children may feel blindsided if their older parents suddenly announce they are going to divorce. 

Gray divorce has been a topic for some time as more individuals over the age of 50 decide to end their marriages. However, much of the discussion has been on why this is happening more often and not so much on how this could affect the adult children of the divorcing couples. Even as adults, individuals can be shocked and dismayed by the idea of their parents getting a divorce, but as shocking as it may seem, it is important to remember that parents can make their own decisions. 

Divorce is challenging enough without facing opposition from others, so adult children may want to keep in mind that this situation is not directly about them. The following tips may help these adults present a supportive front for their parents: 

  • Avoid dismissing the parents’ feelings or claiming that they are too old to divorce. 
  • Remember that it may be emotional for everyone involved, parents and adult children alike. 
  • Though helping parents through this transition may be beneficial, remember not to overstep or take sides. 
  • Ask the parents to discuss the logistics of the divorce, such as how the finances might be split or how inheritances for the children may be affected. 

It may also be useful for adult children to help their parents find resources to help them through this transitional time in their lives. Though the situation may not seem logical to the children, the parents have the right to move forward in their golden years as they see fit, even if that means getting a divorce. Of course, ending a marriage at any age can be difficult, so adult children may want to ensure that their parents have the right legal help from experienced Georgia attorneys. 

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