Should I Wait to File for Divorce Until After the Holidays?

Miles Hansford

The holidays are a busy time for all. For those going through private family matters, the holiday season can seem more stress-inducing than exciting. If you have recently decided to separate from your spouse, you may be trying to figure out the timing of your divorce. Should you file now before the holidays are in full swing? Or should you wait it out?

The Challenges of Divorce During the Holidays

There is no one correct answer to when you should file for divorce. There are pros and cons to both filing before or after the holidays.

If you file before the holidays, you are able to get the process started sooner. This will ultimately help start the timeline toward finalization. However, it can also complicate your holiday season. You may need to figure out living arrangements and custody setups for the months ahead, as well as how you’ll be handling holiday obligations as a family. You must also be prepared to answer questions from curious family members and friends who you see over the holidays.

If you wait until after the holidays to file for divorce, then it will keep you in limbo for a bit longer. You may feel awkward knowing that at the end of the holiday season, you’ll be entering divorce proceedings. However, it may also make the holidays a bit easier for you if you don’t have to handle divorce issues while balancing all other obligations.

In the end, you have to weigh the pros and cons and determine what makes you most comfortable.

Cumming, Georgia Divorce Attorneys

There is never an ideal time to go through a divorce. However, it is always worth it to reach happiness. If you are looking to get started on your divorce, our team at Miles Hansford, LLC is here to help and support you each step of the way. You can reach us online or by phone at (770) 574-6688.

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