Several Facing Drug Charges After Raid in Georgia

When police officers or other law enforcement agents conduct a drug raid in Georgia, the situation doesn’t always end right then and there. Often, further investigations are conducted and additional arrests are made hours, days, even weeks later. A drug raid also does not necessarily mean that those charged with crimes will be convicted once the court hears both sides of the story.

Every person accused of a crime is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court. In situations where more than one defendant is involved, one could be convicted while the other two may avoid the same ruling. The outcome often depends on various factors, one of which typically tends to be the type of defense presented.

In a recent situation, a drug raid occurred that resulted in three arrests. Two of the people taken into police custody were arrested on a recent Tuesday, the same day as the raid. Another person, however, was arrested the following day in connection with the same incident. The first two arrested were charged with possession of methamphetamine with intentions to distribute the drug. The third person was charged with trafficking the same drug.

In Georgia, as in all other states, these three people (as well as anyone else facing drug charges) can fight the charges against them. Many people who choose to fight criminal charges retain help from experienced criminal defense attorneys. A skilled and aggressive defense may increase the chances of avoiding incarceration and may help mitigate the potential negative consequences of a particular situation.

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