Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Charges for Two in Georgia

A traffic stop in Conyers, Georgia, has led to the arrest of two young women on serious charges related to illegal drugs. They will now have to answer to those drug charges in a court of law and face serious punitive measures if they are unable to avoid conviction. As many readers know, having a drug conviction on one’s record can have lasting negative consequences.

The incident took place on a recent Saturday evening around 7:20 p.m. A Georgia State Patrol trooper pulled over a vehicle after observing a Dodge Charger cross several lanes of traffic on Interstate 20 before heading onto an exit ramp. When the trooper approached the vehicle, he reportedly noted the smell of marijuana in the vehicle.

At that point, the trooper began questioning the 22-year-old driver. She allegedly told him that she had smoked marijuana earlier in the day but that there were no drugs in the car. She consented to a search of the vehicle, which resulted in the alleged recovery of two bags of marijuana as well as a bag containing a substance believed to be cocaine. Making matters worse, the driver first gave the trooper a false name and only later gave him her legitimate information. As for the passenger in the vehicle, she told the trooper that she had no idea that there were drugs in the vehicle.

Both women were arrested, but they face different charges. The passenger was only charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine. The driver, however, faces those same drug charges, in addition to driving on a suspended license, driving within a gore and providing law enforcement with false information. Both women will have the opportunity to present their responses to their individual charges in a Georgia court of law.

Source:, “GSP arrests two in Conyers on drug charges after traffic stop“, Larry Stanford, Dec. 2, 2016

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