Drug Charges Filed After Seizure of $1.8m in Suspected Narcotics

When someone is arrested for drug possession, the consequences can be serious. However, drug charges filed at the federal level are generally more severe than those that are filed at the state level, and they carry stiffer penalties. Someone convicted of certain federal drug crimes in Georgia can face a mandatory minimum sentence of five or 10 years in federal prison.

Recently, two men, ages 65 and 21, were arrested in Georgia after their tractor-trailer was pulled over. The pair were stopped on Interstate 85 on July 7 at approximately 10 p.m. The state trooper had pulled the truck over for a traffic violation.

After conferring with the driver and passenger, the officer suspected they might be hiding something illicit in the trailer. The truck was supposed to be hauling fruit from an area close to the Mexican border to Atlanta. Upon inspection, the trooper and his deputy went through the shipment of lemons and limes, and they eventually discovered a secret compartment that contained around 88 pounds of what they suspected to be cocaine. The two men were arrested and charged with cocaine trafficking and operating a vehicle with a false or secret compartment. 

In these difficult situations, those accused of crimes want to ensure that their rights are protected and that they are treated fairly by authorities and the legal system throughout the process. Those accused of similar crimes may want to see legal representation from attorneys who have experience in criminal law and defending cases involving drug charges. A Georgia attorney will be in the best position to discuss the state and federal laws that may affect the outcome of a trial.

Source: lagrangenews.com, “Local officials seize $1.8M in suspected drugs“, Melanie Ruberti, July 8, 2016

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