Police Say Drunk Driving Responsible for Multi-Vehicle Accident

Being placed under arrest for any reason can be daunting to most people. When someone is arrested after causing multiple accidents due to drunk driving, the level of severity and potential repercussions are increased significantly. Recently, a man was arrested after allegedly causing several collisions on a busy Georgia highway.

According to an officer who witnessed the events, the wrecks occurred on Georgia 400 just before dawn on Sunday, July 24. A man driving a sports sedan was allegedly speeding southbound in the far left lane when he rear-ended a black truck. The collision caused the truck to travel two lanes across the highway before striking the officer’s patrol car, which was stopped on the side of the road.

The driver of the sports car was not injured in the wreck. Officers allege that he was intoxicated, and he was booked into jail in Atlanta. The driver of the truck was able to regain consciousness at the scene, and was transported to Grady Hospital for treatment.

Though facing difficult legal situations such as this can be dismaying, there is still hope to build a solid defense. Most in Georgia who are dealing with drunk driving offences, particularly when accidents involving police are involved, seek counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney who focuses on this area of law will be in the best position to guide his or her clients along the path to building a strong criminal defense. In addition, working with a local attorney can be of even greater help, as he or she is familiar with local judges and prosecutors. This can assist by allowing an attorney and client to tailor the defense in the best way possible, and help ensure the most favorable legal outcome.

Source: 11alive.com, “Police: Drunk driver caused crash with Atlanta Police car”, Adrianne Haney, July 25, 2016

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