Man Faces Vehicular Homicide and Drug Charges Following Wreck

Facing any kind of felony charge in Georgia can be one of the most stressful experiences a person can face. The recommended sentences for even non-violent drug charges are still set very high in most states. Those accused of multiple felonies are often consumed by concerns about incarceration and what that outcome might mean for them and their loved ones.

A recent article details the recent grand jury indictment of a young Georgia man. The indictment alleges that the 28-year-old was speeding in his car and was high on heroin when he hit three boys. The accident caused the death of one of the boys and seriously injured the other two.

One of the boys sustained a broken leg and pelvis, and another suffered a broken leg and two skull fractures. The third boy, aged 9, died at the scene. If convicted, the driver could face 32 years in jail.

In these situations, it can be vital for those accused of similar crimes to ensure that their rights are protected, and that they are treated fairly by authorities and legal system during their arrest, questioning and incarceration. Those in Georgia who are accused of a similar crime may want to seek legal representation from an attorney who has experience in criminal law and defending cases involving drug charges. A Georgia attorney will be in the best position to understand local and statewide laws that could affect the outcome of a trial, and such an attorney can discuss the best plan of action based upon a person’s unique legal situation.

Source:, “Atlanta crash suspect indicted on vehicular homicide, heroin charges“, Jeremy Redmon, July 12, 2016

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