Family Law May Provide Relief for Some Parents

The majority of non-custodial parents want to do the best they can for their children. However, when one starts to get behind in child support payments, it can seem to have a snowball effect. There are likely a few Georgia parents who have struggled to make their payments on time and may have consulted with a family law professional.

One state has taken a step to try and provide those parents who have fallen behind a chance to make things right again. This state announced it was offering an amnesty week for those parents who are behind and have had warrants issued for their arrest. Those parents are now encouraged to come to the program, and the workers there can offer help to any parent who may need it.

Officials have stated that no one will be arrested if they show up for the program. Furthermore, if they are able to make a payment toward their support arrears, then it is possible the warrant that had been issued could be revoked. Along with the assistance workers can provide in setting up a payment plan that may work better for the parent, the week-long program will offer a job fair of sorts in order to assist these parents in applying for a job or finding a better one. The week-long program will also feature information about educational programs that may interest a parent in arrears as a way of bettering their overall situation.

The last time this sort of opportunity was provided was approximately 11 years ago. Officials behind this offer stated that, in the end, it is about ensuring that the children benefit. Georgia parents who find that they are struggling to make their own child support payments in a timely fashion may petition the court for a modification to their child support payments as a way to find relief. Additionally, there are family law professionals who can offer information and guidance for those parents who are behind in payments or, conversely, those parents who are having difficulties in receiving these payments.

Source:, “Hamilton Co. to Offer Child Support Amnesty Week“, Emily Cassulo, Jan. 19, 2017

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