Fathers Want Courts to Provide More Child Custody Time

When parents divorce, one of the biggest questions they may face could relate to how and by whom children will be raised. In a majority of child custody cases, the courts tend to award more time to mothers than to fathers. Many Georgia families may also be struggling to resolve this issue as their divorce proceeds.

There is a movement in one state, however, to enlist the aid of state lawmakers to draft new legislation. A fathers’ advocacy group hopes to have a new law in place soon that would allow family courts to consider shared custody as a normal arrangement and not as an exception. The bill could ensure that children are able to spend equal time with both parents.

One father stated that such a law would allow fathers to be more involved with the raising of their children. Fathers want the right to be awarded shared custody without having to first prove that they are not poor parents. There is one group who is opposed to the idea as it claims that equally shared custody has not been shown to be the best option in all circumstances. 

Fathers in this state are hoping that their representatives will draft a new bill soon. In the meantime, these fathers will continue to wait to be given the opportunity to play a bigger role in the lives of their children. Georgia families may also be working to determine what child custody plans will be the best fit for their particular situation. They may desire to contact an attorney who is knowledgeable with family law in order to arrive at the best solutions for their children’s needs.

Source: illinoishomepage.net, “Fathers fight for 50-50 custody – Story”, Emilee Fannon, Feb. 3, 3017

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