Brad Pitt Makes a Case for Child Custody Modification

Figuring out who should maintain custody of children when going through the divorce process is rarely if ever easy to do. Parents often struggle to agree on what type of child custody arrangement will best serve their family in the long run. Sometimes, initial plans turn out to do more harm than good. When this happens, parents in Georgia and elsewhere may have the ability to seek order modifications to correct the issue.

A good example of a custody plan not working out is the arrangement between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The couple shares six children. They were together for more than a decade but married for only two years when Ms. Jolie decided to call it quits. For almost two years now, the couple has been fighting things out in court.

Ms. Jolie was initially given sole custody of their children, and Mr. Pitt was granted visitation rights. According to a recent report, Pitt believes his lack of time with the children makes it difficult for him to maintain healthy relationships with them. It would appear that the courts agree with him on this matter, and changes to the couple’s current custody plan are supposedly in the works.

Mr. Pitt did something that many people in his same position feel they cannot; he made a case for himself and he asked for a child custody modification. While courts in Georgia and elsewhere are not always open to such requests, when there is a reason to believe a custody adjustment will serve the best interests of the affected children, the courts are willing to do it. Legal counsel can help those wishing to seek custody modifications by filing the appropriate motions and presenting the case for change in court.

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