Facing MDMA-Related Drug Charges?

The state of Georgia does not treat MDMA-related drug crimes lightly. If you find yourself facing drug charges for possessing, distributing or trafficking ecstasy, the potential consequences can be quite severe. What can you do if you find yourself in trouble with the law over MDMA?

Fighting drug charges of any kind is not necessarily easy, but it does not mean that your case is hopeless. There may be defense options open to you that will help you fight for a case dismissal or at least seek to minimize the consequences associated with a conviction. A few defense options may include denial, entrapment and illegal search and seizure — to name a few. 

At the end of the day, MDMA is a recreational use drug that the United States has labeled as a Schedule I Controlled Substance. It is a psychoactive drug that gives its users a feeling of euphoria. It can also cause a number of mental and physical problems or even death. It is a fairly expensive drug, so it is not necessarily the drug of choice for too many individuals. Still, it is enough of an issue that law enforcement officials are constantly working to shut down those individuals who bring the drug into the state.

If you find yourself facing MDMA-related drug charges in Georgia or elsewhere, how you approach your case matters. With the assistance of legal counsel, you will have the ability to question any evidence offered against you. From there, you can decide to fight your case or seek to minimize damages by working with the prosecuting attorney. Your legal counsel can assist you in navigating your criminal proceedings and help you make informed decisions. To learn more about how an attorney can be of assistance to you, please visit our firm’s website.

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