Thinking about Divorce? Mediation Has Its Benefits

Choosing to divorce your spouse is likely one of the hardest decisions you’ve made in a while. Choosing how you want to approach the divorce process shouldn’t be. There are several ways to go about marital dissolution, and it is easier to decide which way makes the most sense to you if you know what each entails. That is why this week, this column will touch on one option, mediation, and its benefits over the traditional divorce process.

What is mediation?

Mediation can be briefly described as negotiations with a neutral third-party present. It is where each spouse meets in a neutral location to discuss the terms of their divorce. If disputes arise, talking things through versus running to court is the goal.

What a mediator does

A mediator is there to support you and your spouse as you negotiate the terms of your divorce. This individual will help you find common ground so you can reach a resolution you’re happy with. This individual will not side with either party, make executive decisions or offer legal advice.


Mediation has quite a few benefits over litigation. For starters, it gives you more control over the final settlement terms. It also:

  • Is less expensive than litigation
  • Can take less time than litigation
  • Keeps settlement terms private

When you feel more in control of the process, you are likely to be happier with the outcome.

Yes, you can still use legal counsel

Choosing mediation over litigation does not mean you do not have the right to confer with legal counsel about your rights and your settlement terms. In fact, before finalizing a settlement reached through mediation, it is wise to have it reviewed to make sure it serves your best interests. To learn more about how legal counsel can assist you through the mediation process, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

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