A Partnership Dispute Could Present Need for Dissolution

Business partnerships that once seemed so promising can find themselves in trouble later. In some cases, one partner may start neglecting important business matters, or the partners cannot agree on an important business decision. Of course, various other factors could contribute to a partnership dispute, and identifying the issue can be the first step in determining how to handle the conflict.

In some cases, the conflict is so significant that the partners do not feel comfortable moving forward together any longer. As a result, the decision to dissolve the partnership may make the most sense. While this solution may be the best, it is not an easy route to follow.

Dissolving a partnership involves many steps, and partners may benefit from protecting their own individual interests as the process moves forwards. Some tips for doing so include the following:

  • Review the partnership agreement to understand dissolution proceedings included in the terms of the agreement.
  • Determine whether one partner will buy out the other and, if so, how the buyout will be financed.
  • Review company records and bookkeeping information to determine whether any wrongdoing on the part of one partner may have occurred.

In some cases, a partnership dispute can lead to a mutual dissolution of the business relationship, but in other cases, the situation could turn contentious and result in litigation. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare for either outcome, and Georgia business partners can gain information on how to best address whichever situation they find themselves in. It can be difficult to dissolve a partnership, but it may be what is best for the company.

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