A Look at the Mediation Process

Filing for divorce does not always mean the case must be decided in court. Many divorcing couples successfully reach an agreeable divorce decree through divorce mediation proceedings near Cumming. Consider talking to a family law attorney about whether mediation might be appropriate for your situation. As your family law attorney can explain to you, a mediator is a neutral third-party who will meet with you and your spouse to guide the two of you toward solutions for issues such as child custody, visitation, and property division.

It’s important to note that the mediator cannot impose an enforceable decision upon the case. If you cannot agree to the issues in mediation, the case will be heard before the judge.

Typically, mediation begins with a statement from each party regarding the issues. Then, the mediator may meet with each party separately. If the parties prefer, they may only meet with the mediator and use that person as a liaison. Additionally, if the parties feel comfortable working in joint session, they can do that as well. From the start of mediation, onward the mediator’s goal is to see if the case be settled; they are not interested in helping one side or another win.

Mediation can be a less expensive, quicker, and more customized resolution to a divorce. Contact us to see how mediation might benefit you.

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