Don’t Let a Lucrative Real Estate Deal Pass You By

For a lot of property transactions, timing is everything. The ability to act appropriately on purchasing and developing a property in the Atlanta area can be the difference between a financial success or a drain on your resources. If you don’t look before you leap, you might be in for an unexpectedly drawn-out process that you wish you had avoided in the first place.

Even longtime builders and real estate developers need help with complicated issues such as land use and zoning. Dealing with committee meetings, hearings and other issues specific to your project can eat up a lot of time and energy that can often be better spent elsewhere, on other aspects of your business.

Experienced real estate attorneys who are familiar with Georgia laws can take the lead on complicated matters for their clients. In some cases, this can even involve representing them in real estate litigation cases that need to be resolved before ground can be broken on a project.

Representation by real estate lawyers does not need to be limited solely to litigation, however. Other issues can arise during the process, particularly involving contract disputes regarding the purchase and sale of real estate. People or entities could raise objections to a sale or purchase at the last minute, throwing the whole process in doubt.

Likewise, problems could surface regarding the title to properties or to their established boundaries. There could be disputes over existing (or assumed) easements that can cause significant delays in a project. Whatever issues may come up, it is usually better to be protected by having a knowledgeable real estate attorney on your side.

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