Georgia Business Planning Gets an Overhaul in Atlanta

It is always an exciting time when entrepreneurs embark on new business ventures. However, despite following all of the rules and regulations set forth by cities throughout Georgia, many find business planning and formation to be arduous and time consuming. The commissioner in Atlanta’s department of planning and community development hopes that his restructuring plan will ease the way for new businesses in Atlanta and serve as an example for other cities in Georgia who wish to do the same.

For many in the Atlanta area, starting a business has been fraught with delays and the expenses that inherently come with them. Tim Keane, the planning commissioner for Atlanta, has a strategy that he hopes will try to ease this burden. Without requiring new funding, he plans to increase the number of offices in the department from three to five. One of those offices will specifically be focused on streamlining the frustrating and time-consuming permitting process.

With this and other initiatives, Keane’s plan has been met with confusion and pushback from Atlanta councilmembers. An article written about the issue postulates that while many of the councilmembers had become comfortable with being asked for additional money for initiatives, they were thrown for a loop when a complete department restructuring was proposed. On the opposite side, other councilmembers praised Keane’s ideas and are excited about the new concepts.

Whether in Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia, there are many financial dangers and complications involved in starting a business due to ever-changing government rules and regulations. Many who are considering business planning may benefit from contacting an attorney who focuses on business and commercial law. An attorney in this field will be in the best position to advise a potential business owner on the most time- and cost-effective way to establish his or her new venture.

Source:¬†, “Planning chief’s overhaul of stretched-thin department meets pushback from some councilmembers“, Thomas Wheatley and Tessa Schwarze, June 14, 2016

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