What to Expect from a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be emotional, confusing, and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to expect during the process. Whether you’re facing a contested divorce or uncontested divorce near Cumming, hiring a lawyer should be your first step. Your lawyer can help you navigate the process of obtaining your divorce decree as you make important decisions about child custody and division of assets. As you go through the process of divorce, here are some of the things you can expect.

Expect to Feel a Sense of Loss

Even if you know that moving on from the relationship is the right choice for you, it is natural to feel a sense of loss over the shared history with your spouse. Most people experience a rollercoaster of emotions during and after a divorce, from loss to confusion, guilt, and anger. Look for a healthy way to deal with these feelings, such as exercise, meditation, and talking to close friends and family. Resist the urge to share bad feelings about your ex with your children so you can continue to parent together.

Expect a Lengthy Process

There are many decisions you have to make during divorce, and even if you and your spouse are able to come to agreements through mediation or through informal settlement discussions outside of the courts, it can still take some time for divorce decrees to become official. During a contested divorce, the process can take even longer. Rely on your lawyer to walk you through the steps and take each part of the process one day at a time.

Expect to Make Mistakes

Whether you’re fighting over division of assets or lose your cool in front of your kids, everyone makes mistakes they wish they could change in the heat of a divorce. With time and perspective, it will be easier to move on from both the divorce and the mistakes you made during the process. One good way to protect against making mistakes is by consulting with your lawyer prior to agreeing to any terms. Ultimately, If you’re worried that you’ve made a mistake that could impact your child custody agreement or how your assets are divided, discuss your concerns with your lawyer.

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