Adopting a Child

One of the biggest decisions you can make as a single adult or as a family is to adopt a child. Because adoption is a legal process, it is helpful to have legal representation services in Cumming as you move forward with your adoption. As you start the adoption procedure, hire a family law attorney to walk you through.

There are several types of adoptions you can pursue. An open adoption is one in which both the birth mother and adoptive parents have a relationship that they maintain as the child grows that may or may not include visitation. With closed adoptions, no such relationship exists. Stepparents may consider adopting their stepchildren, if one of the birth parents has relinquished parental rights, while foster parents may wish to adopt one or more foster children. Same-sex couples may choose open or closed adoptions to build their families.

Both single adults and families are eligible to adopt, as long as they can demonstrate that they can provide stable homes. With the help of a family attorney, you can show that you are a good candidate for adoption and ensure that the process goes as quickly as possible, so you can focus on the exciting addition to your family.

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