Business Formation: Making Your Way Through the Bureaucracy

By most accounts, it is easier to start a business in Georgia than it is in many other states. But “easier” is a relative term, of course.

The path from having an idea for a business to actually opening the doors of your store or offices can be a twisting one littered with bureaucratic diversions, and a deluge of paperwork, processes and procedures that can bring good ideals to a halt.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development has a website dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch commercial enterprises with a minimum of headaches. While progress has been made to streamline the process, there is no doubt that aspiring business people need to enter the system knowing that there will be problems, delays and questions that go unanswered by government employees.

The process really begins with your idea, of course, and then research you conduct to determine the feasibility of turning your idea into a going concern. After that has been determined, you must find answers to a series of challenging questions.

  • Which legal form is the appropriate one for your business and your situation: sole proprietorship, a corporation (“C” or “S”), partnership or limited liability company?
  • Where do you go for licenses that apply to your venture?
  • Which state and Forsyth County regulations apply to your business?
  • And so on.

For many budding business owners, the answers are found when they develop a relationship with a business attorney dedicated to helping you navigate federal, state, county and city systems and prosper.

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