Family Law: Divorce Concierge a New Trend for Divorce?

When people go through the dissolution of a marriage, it is often a difficult process even in the best of circumstances. When people decide to divorce, some changes are expected, yet others are only discovered during and after the process. Though most in Georgia secure the services of an experienced family law attorney when going through a divorce, a quickly-growing service could assist in making an easier transition from married to single life.

When two people marry, they inevitably fall into certain patterns and routines. Roles and responsibilities generally become set over time. When a person leaves married life, and is suddenly single, there can be difficulties in adjusting to a new domestic reality.

To help fill a need that many divorcing or divorced couples have, businesses have recently formed that can assist individuals during this transition. Describing themselves as a divorce concierge service, these companies help to simplify the processes that occur during a divorce. For example, these services can assist recently single parents in seeking employment, managing their homes and dealing with parenting challenges.

Even when consulting with a divorce concierge service, couples seeking a divorce in Georgia typically seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney. Attorneys can be vital to clients during the divorce process, and can help ensure that their clients’ interests are protected. In addition to providing legal assistance to clients as they go through the course of their divorces, attorneys can also assist clients in evaluating what specific services may be needed from a divorce concierge service.

Source: The New York Times, “Unhitching? The Divorce Concierge Is at Your Service“, Katherine Rosman, Accessed on Nov. 28, 2016

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