Teacher Likely Focused on Criminal Defense in Child Battery Case

In recent years, cameras have been placed in most places that involve childcare. This is in order to protect the children, their teachers, caregivers and parents when issues of criminal behavior arise. Recently, an article reported that a Georgia grade school teacher was allowed to turn himself in after a judge reluctantly issued a warrant for his arrest. Along with his selected counsel, the teacher is likely considering his criminal defense options to ensure his rights are protected in upcoming legal proceedings.

The teacher in question taught third grade at Barton Chapel Elementary school in Augusta. According to the Board of Education report, the incident occurred on August 24, when an 11-year-old boy and others refused to sit down on a school bus and continued disruptive behavior. A fight had recently been broken up on the bus, and when asked to sit, the 11-year-old refused and repeatedly taunted the teacher.

During the incident with the child, the teacher admitted to physical contact with the child in order to remove him from the bus. At one point, he stated that he did put his arm around the shoulder and neck areas of the boy in his efforts. However, the boy alleged that the teacher pushed him to the floor of the bus, grabbed him around the neck and also forced him to remain on the bus contrary to his will. Teachers responding to the commotion found the boy at the front of the bus, cursing profusely at the teacher.

After reviewing video from the bus, the boy’s mother promptly filed paperwork requesting criminal charges for the teacher. She stated that her son allegedly experienced neck pain and headaches from the incident, even though she had not taken him to see a physician. The teacher’s attorney countered with the child’s history of school disciplinary issues and the fact that the child’s mother had visited two or three other schools that day to address her other children’s disciplinary problems.

Most in Georgia facing similar issues seek counsel from an attorney. When children are involved, adults implicated in claims of abuse are generally treated with extra scrutiny. Experienced criminal defense attorneys can help ensure that their client’s rights are protected and can assist in building the best defense possible based upon the details of the case.

Source: onlineathens.com, “Georgia judge allows teacher to turn self in after alleged battery incident“, Bianca Cain Johnson, Sept. 20, 2016

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