Woman Accused of Drunk Driving, Killing One and Injuring Another

When driving on Georgia’s roads and highways, there are unfortunately many reasons that may cause a driver to swerve on the road. These reasons may be difficult to explain to an officer of the law if he or she happens to observe a person driving erratically. Recently, the police stopped a woman when they suspected drunk driving.

According to police, the woman was driving westbound on a local Athens road when she allegedly left her lane and collided with a group of three bicyclists. The cyclists were traveling eastbound. Police believe that one of the bicyclists was hit head on. Tragically, that woman died at the scene of the accident.

Police believe the second cyclist was hit on his left side and was ejected from his bike and onto the shoulder of the roadway. The third cyclist was purportedly struck on his left arm by the driver’s side mirror. The second cyclist suffered serious injuries from the wreck, and the third cyclist was only injured on his arm.

As a result of the wreck, the driver was arrested and charged with first degree homicide by vehicle, driving under the influence of drugs, serious injury by vehicle, DUI endangerment, distracted driving and failure to maintain a lane. It became known from the investigation that the driver had an additional DUI charge pending against her from June. Additionally, the record shows that the driver’s small child was present in the vehicle when the accidents happened.

Though it could feel desperate for those charged with drunk driving or other crimes in Georgia, there is always hope. Immediately taking the initiative to discuss one’s case with an experienced criminal defense attorney is an excellent first step. An attorney will be able to effectively evaluative a client’s situation and discuss the options that are best suited, given the parameters.

Source: 11alive.com, “Police: DUI driver kills bicyclist, seriously injuries another in crash”, Joe Henke, Sept 13, 2016

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