Sometimes Tenants Are Affected by Land Use Changes

When leasing property, tenants are at the mercy of the property owners. When land use and land owners change, this could affect a tenant’s ability to remain on site regardless of whether he or she wishes to move. An aviation group in Forsyth has found this out the hard way and is now in the process of looking for a new plot of land to lease.

According to a local news report, Georgia Model Aviators has been renting out land with an airfield for over a decade. The property owner sold the land to the county, and GMA was told it could remain on the property until its lease expired. However, the lease expires at the end of 2017, and now they are left scrambling to find a new location and remove their property from the site.

Being forced to move will come at a great expense to GMA. This is why they have been taking their time to find the best way to move forward. The land they have been renting is now a passive use park and green space. With this land use change, it is simply impossible for GMA to keep operations going at that site.

Sometimes, when land use changes occur, tenants may not feel that they have many options. This may not be the case. It may be possible to fight the proposed changes. Long before that even becomes an issue, tenants can also try to negotiate terms into their lease contracts regarding what will happen to them, should the property owner eventually sell the property. An experienced attorney can help tenants in Forsyth with either of these things.

Source:, “Forsyth County, model aviators reach property agreement“, Kelly Whitmire, Dec. 18, 2017

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