What’s the Deal with Land Use and Zoning Laws?

Land-use regulations can be a pain in the neck, really. They serve a valuable purpose, but sometimes, the restrictions and control can be a little much. On top of that, land use and zoning laws can be difficult to understand and are frequently changing. Those in Georgia who are dealing with a land use and zoning issue may feel overwhelmed by it all, which is completely understandable.

Zoning regulations are in place to give a city some sort of structure. They set clearly defined districts that only allow certain structures to be built. Each zone type has different restrictions, and some of these restrictions include:

  • Building type requirements
  • Utility locations
  • Building size
  • Building height
  • Room count allowed
  • Feature preservation

Challenging land use or zoning regulation can be a tough business. Obviously, property owners will want to have some say in how they utilize their property. Courts have agreed that they do deserve that right. This does not mean that land use and zoning boards will make it easy on property owners. They may have to fight to use their property as they wish.

Georgia residents who are dealing with land use and zoning issues do not have to take the matter sitting down, and they do not have to fight it alone. There are protections offered to them, and an experienced attorney can assist them in taking the steps necessary to exercise those protections. With the right help, it is possible to resolve land use and zoning issues in a swift and smooth manner.

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