Georgia Man’s Felony Charges Dismissed after Child’s Birth

Most new parents have an uneventful trip to their local hospital or birthing center when their child is due. However, that was not the case for one Georgia family. The story of their child’s birth will include how the father was arrested on felony charges while trying to get to the hospital.

The incident happened in late fall of 2015 but was only recently reported. The father was attempting to take his girlfriend to a local medical facility after her labor pains had commenced. As a result, his driving reportedly exceeded the posted speed limits. A Georgia policeman purportedly recorded the driver’s speed and set out to conduct a traffic stop.

The man turned into a residential area once he realized the officer was pursuing him. At that point, the trooper reportedly repeatedly questioned the information provided by both parties as to why the driver was in a hurry. Both parents were initially restrained before the woman was released. The father, however, spent the next several days in police custody and missed his daughter’s birth and release from the hospital.

The man was facing several felony charges in response to the traffic stop. However, after the prosecuting attorney received a copy of the birth notice, he dismissed all but one charge which was reduced to a misdemeanor count. The arresting officer apparently has a history of questionable actions with the police department and has received several written warnings. Anyone who finds themselves facing a felony charge, whether through a traffic stop or other means, has the right to prepare a strong defense. An attorney skilled in criminal defense can provide valuable assistance in these serious circumstances.

Source:, “Questions raised about Georgia trooper’s actions”, Feb. 11, 2017

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