A Few Downsides of a Quickie Divorce

When one is ready to move on from his or her marriage, the thought of a long, drawn-out dissolution process can seem too much to bear. Getting a quickie divorce just sounds so much better. While getting through the process as fast as possible may seem desirable, in the long run Georgia residents who go this route may find that doing so really did not serve their best interests.

There are some couples whose needs will be perfectly met with an uncontested, swift divorce. However, there are those who have complex issues that need more time to sort things out so that both parties are mutually benefited. This is something that does not have to take forever.

Why slow down? Rushing through divorce proceedings can result in one or both parties hurting in the long run. One spouse may end up paying more than necessary in support or one spouse may end up getting less than his or her fair share of marital assets. If children are involved, one spouse may not get the custody agreement he or she would prefer. The list goes on and on.

Along with not getting the settlement one really desires, one may end up paying more down the line to attempt to modify existing orders. While this may be possible to do, it may be avoided by taking a little more time to consider the consequences of certain settlement terms. A Georgia resident who is ready to end a marriage can seek assistance from an experienced divorce law attorney in order to achieve a fair and balanced settlement in a timely manner.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Rushing This In Your Divorce Can Give You Heartburn“, Morghan Leia Richardson, July 17, 2017

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