Auto-Brewery Syndrome and Drunk Driving Charges

Not all DUI charges come as a result of Georgia residents drinking or ingesting other types of impairing substances. Sometimes medical issues can cause an individual to appear intoxicated or even have a raised blood alcohol content.  There is a medical condition known as auto-brewery syndrome. Documented cases exist of people being charged with drunk driving and then having their cases dismissed with proof of a medical diagnosis.

Auto-brewery syndrome, which is also referred to gut fermentation syndrome, is a condition that still confounds researchers. It is considered relatively rare, though there seem to be more cases popping up all the time. What do researchers know about this disorder?

A person with this condition, in short, creates ethanol in his or her gut due to the fermentation of excess yeast. With the production of ethanol within the body, one’s blood alcohol content will rise on its own. It is believed that a carbohydrate-rich diet can lead to the overgrowth of yeast in the body; however, some people experience the growth of excess yeast naturally.

Georgia residents who believe that this or any other medical issue is behind their drunk driving charges can work with their legal counsel and medical professionals in order to secure a diagnosis to use in their defense. If a diagnosis is achieved, it can then be presented in court in an effort to have one’s case dismissed or at least have charges reduced. There are no guarantees when going this route, but if medical proof is obtained, it certainly can prove beneficial to one’s case.

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