The Best Way to Avoid Drunk Driving Charges Is Not to Drive Drunk

Sounds simple enough, right? Under most circumstances, nearly everyone can avoid drunk driving charges by not getting behind the wheel after drinking. Remembering some of the following tips could help most Georgia drivers avoid ending up in the back of a police car on suspicion of DUI or DWI.

Media campaigns against drunk driving urge people to designate someone in their group to remain sober and see that everyone else gets home safely. The trick is to make sure that person lives up to his or her end of the bargain. Another viable option is to use public transportation or take a taxi. It might seem inconvenient to some to leave their vehicles somewhere and find a way to retrieve them the next day, but that is far less inconvenient than a DUI charge.

Other alternatives are to stop drinking at a certain point and allow the alcohol to metabolize before driving. An individual could switch to non-alcoholic drinks and be sure to eat something. When a party or event takes place at a hotel or a friend’s house, it may be possible just to stay put and sleep off the effects of alcohol.

It is often easy to remember these tips while sober, but once Georgia residents start drinking, taking these steps might not happen. Anyone who made the mistake of driving after drinking, and who was arrested for drunk driving, still has options. A thorough review of the circumstances may provide weaknesses in the prosecution’s case or violations of your rights, along with other potential options, that could result in a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

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