Chicken Truck Struck in Alleged Drunk Driving Incident

A Georgia woman was recently arrested for allegedly hitting a chicken truck with her car. According to reports, this incident took place Feb. 21, in Madison County. The accused is facing various charges, including drunk driving, aggressive driving and hit and run — among others.

Police received a report from a truck driver who said his vehicle was struck a couple times by a car while traveling on Highway 72. After hitting the truck a second time, the driver lost control of her vehicle for a moment. Upon regaining control of her car, she is said to have fled the scene.

When authorities responded to the call, they found parts of an automobile on the side of the highway with a license plate attached. This led them to a 26-year-old woman in Cromer. She allegedly admitted to the incident, saying the act was intentional because she was a vegetarian. However, she refused to leave her home without being provided a warrant for her arrest.

Because of her refusal to exit her home at the request of deputies, she is also facing an obstruction charge. The consequences of this along with the drunk driving and other charges filed against her could be quite serious if she is ultimately convicted — possibly resulting in jail time and the payment of hefty fines, among other penalties. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to help the accused navigate the Georgia criminal court system, allowing her to make informed decisions regarding her case and assisting her in securing the best outcome possible for her situation.

Source:, “Deputies say vegetarian intentionally hit chicken truck in Madison County“, March 1, 2017

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