Lashing out on Social Media Will Not Help Your Divorce

There are few people in Georgia who are not connected to some sort of social media platform. Most people use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram or various other sharing sites in order to keep up with friends and family and even make new acquaintances. While the idea and purpose behind social media can be good, there are instances when it is best to refrain from posting about one’s personal life — such as during one’s divorce proceedings.

Why make a difficult situation any harder than it is already? Nothing can be gained by lashing out on social media. It really hurts more than it helps.

Why does what one posts online matter? Believe it or not, social media posts can be used to paint a person in a negative light during divorce proceedings. This can affect how child custody arrangements are made, what one is granted in support and may even affect how property is ultimately divided.

Anyone who has been or is going through a high conflict divorce knows that maintaining self-control can be challenging. Sharing what is going on in one’s life on social media has simply become the norm. While that may be the case, sometimes it is just not worth it in the long run. Those in Georgia who are going through the divorce process and have found themselves in hot water over social media posts can turn to legal counsel for assistance. Corrective actions may be taken so that any damage to one’s dissolution settlement can be minimized.

Source:, “How Not to Commit Social Media Suicide During Your Divorce“, March 27, 2017

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